Teaching Philosophy

I’ve always had a curious personality that has driven me to be a existential learner. Art and technology have always been of particular interest to me even at a young age. I recall taking apart electronics, drawing on walls and using the paint program in elementary school, during computer time, after completing my assignments early. Teaching has always been second nature.  I was and still am, always willing to teach someone how to do something on a computer, draw or paint.  

In the time I’ve been in the field of education, I have learned so much, not only from my wonderful professors at UT San Antonio and UT Dallas, but also from my family, coworkers and my students.  I believe that every child has the capability to learn any discipline as long as they apply themselves, but I also understand that every student may not have the desire to do so.  Regardless, I feel that they should all have an opportunity to be successful.  My job as an educator, is to plant a seed of curiosity into my students by being a positive role model and knowledgable in my field.  I then nurture them and help them grow to hopefully become successful contributing members to society. 

I always need to be up to date in my teaching field, enjoy what I do, continue to work and develop my area of interest outside of my classroom, so that I can share my resources with my students.  My hope is to shape young minds into wanting to explore more.  I always make myself available to answer their questions whether it be about the current assignment, life or the process of signing up for college classes.