The App Prototyping Lesson

The goal of my MFA capstone project is to revamp the school newspaper, make it an interactive online news site and create a mobile web app prototype.  With the help of my professor Cassini Nazir, this goal was met. While working on the prototype, my students expressed interest in app development, so I implemented a six week lesson. They started off by pitching ideas, forming groups, drawing out wire-frames, then used Adobe Fireworks to create the screen designs.  Once they completed the screens, they used hot spots so that users could walk through the designs simulating a working app.  The groups then presented their projects.  The top app from each class period were treated to an after school pizza and video game party.  Over all, the lesson was a success.  Some groups struggled with time management and meeting the deadline.  A majority of the team captains really took charge and kept their group on task.  Several team captains who never really participated much in class, turned into leaders.  I plan on making this lesson a part of the graphic design curriculum and I hope to become proficient enough to one day be able to help students make full functioning apps that can be available in an app store.

Rapid App Prototyping Lesson With Miss. Tijerina (Shah)


The Molina Paw Print Web App Test Flight


The Paw Print App LoFi Product Demo


The Molina Paw Print Preliminary UI Kit


Paw Print UI Kit


MFA Capstone Abstract

To establish an online news center, develop a process and an app / new mobile vehicle in place of the traditional newspaper at Molina high school in Dallas ISD.  If a mobile app is to be developed, development will be for iOS, since it is the platform primarily used by the designer as well as many of the students. If the new mobile vehicle and process are successful, this would be a progressive step for Molina high school as well as for the graphic design and animation endorsement program. This development is also open to anything new and innovative.

The app/web app would help utilize the electronic media in the format that it is intended. A website was established during the 2013 -2014 school year but was not conducive to its electronic medium.  The intent of the online news center and potential app is to raise the number of viewers and retain them.


1) Many students come from low income families and do not have access to computers or Internet at home, BUT do have access to smartphones.  While pricey, it’s their only form of technology besides a TV at home.

2) Push Notifications will assist call-outs to relay information to parents/students quickly. Call-outs are not always received because A) phones are not always answered, no voice-mail, or non working numbers B) Call-outs were not made in a timely manner

3) Students will be exposed to app/web app/website development and app/web app/ website content maintenance. This will provide insight for students and to explore careers in IXD, app development, and web page design.

4) Administrators have been looking for a way to make the Paw Print more available and have tried by using QR codes, word of mouth, direct link icons on school computers, etc without much success.

Future Goals

* Mobile written and visual content of the Paw Print online student news, as well as to Implement Push Notification reminders for:
– new issues
– Parent/student notifications of Report cards and progress report distributions, Parent’s night at Molina, Molina school events and Functions (Possibly Molina emergency notifications)

 resouces visual final